Dr. Fussell’s Fly Spray is the natural choice for use in Fussell Farms line of automated pest spray equipment. Packed with essential oils that won’t harm your animals or land, Dr. Fussell’s Fly Spray is by far the most effective and economical pest control spray available. Whether you use a hand sprayer, garden hose, or one of our Cow Sprayer products, Dr. Fussell’s Fly Spray will rid your animals of pesky flies and other pests that carry deadly diseases. Dr. Fussell’s Fly Spray works well on a range of livestock, from horses and goats to sheep and cattle. The essential oils in Dr. Fussell’s Fly Spray not only help kill flies, but they give your livestock a shiny coat as well. Totally natural, totally effective. Two Options: 32 Ounces, Ready-To-Use 1 Gallon, Concentrate