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  • Cow Sprayer – Longhorn Edition

    Fussell Farms’ core product, The Original Cow Sprayer, has been modified especially for Longhorns. It is the most efficient and effective way to prevent and provide complete fly control to livestock. With 8 spray nozzles (3 on top, 1 per side, and 3 on bottom) and the option for either a 25 or 40-gallon tank, the Cow Sprayer Longhorn Edition is guaranteed to completely cover your longhorns with the fly control product of your choice each pass through.    
  • You suggested it, and we listened. The all-new Cowsprayer 5000, comes equipped with all the features of the Original Cow Sprayer minus the frame and the bottom sprayers. We’ve replaced the bottom sprayers with two rubs that are continuously saturated, left two sprayers on the sides and strategically placed one of them to hit the underbelly, and one top sprayer to hit the back and sides. Designed especially for those who want to build their own frames and walk-through. Handy as a shirt pocket and priced right!    
  • The Cow Sprayer™

    Fussell Farms’ core product, the Cow Sprayer, is the most efficient and effective way to prevent and provide complete fly-control to livestock. With 8 spray nozzles (2 on top, 2 per side, and 2 on bottom) and the option for either a 25 or 40-gallon tank, the Cow Sprayer is guaranteed to cover your stock with each pass through. Fill it up, turn it on, and let the cows do the work for you!    
  • The Cow Sprayer Express is a smaller version of the original Cow Sprayer, with the same quality components, but you build the gate or chute rather than receiving the powder coated metal chute that ships with the Original Cow Sprayer. Weighing in at just 80 pounds (dry), it comes equipped with a 15-gallon tank or a 25 gallon tank ($200 more) and 5 nozzles (1 on top, 2 on each side). The Cow Sprayer Express will spray approximately 1400 head before refill. The large flap on the front comes with a cattle rub to help with the control of face/eye flies, controlling and preventing the spread of pink eye.  
  • Those cheap plastic mineral feeders you have to buy every year can’t spray for flies…but ours does. And our Mineral Feeder™ is made from solid steel. It holds 300 pounds of minerals, and can’t be tipped over. Here’s the best part: when they push the front door open, it sprays pesticide on the back and front legs. Plus, the sock on the front applies face-fly treatment and helps prevent the spread of pink eye.
  • Same as the original w/ two gates. Same ingenious design, bull-strong and built to last. The perfect sprayer for large operations, spraying up 1600 to 2400 head before refilling. Like with the original, the Double Cowsprayer Express is portable and can be moved from one pasture to the next. Choose from two (2) 25 or 40 gallon tanks, and let the sun do the rest.
    Price does not include shipping. Call for shipping cost.
  • Customers asked, we listened. The Portable Cowsprayer Express is now not only portable, but with added features. Along with the 5 spray heads ( 1 on top, 2 on each side), the Cowsprayer now has a built in frame, side panels to adhere to any gate or fence, a standard flap and fly rub, a hitch for easy towing. Completely powered by the sun, the 25 to 40 gallon tank lets you set it and forget it for days. The perfect unit for small to mid-size herd.
  • The Feeder Express has the same function and overall concept as the Mineral Feeder, but was designed to be installed on any fence panel. The Feeder Express comes equipped with 2 adjustable nozzles designed to spray the top and bottom of livestock while feeding on mineral. Whether its bovine, equine, goats, sheep or any other livestock, the Feeder Express can spray up to 500 head before refilling.
  • The Fussell Feeder is the perfect feed/hay feeder for your stalls, pins or pasture. Made of powder coated, high-grade steel w/ heavy duty steel balancing plates (two place mats on or buried), the Fussell Feeder is the perfect livestock feeder for any operation running anything from goats & sheep to equine and bovine. The adjustable legs (12" legs, 22" legs, 36" legs) provide the right height from 50” to 74” and it comes equipped with 2.5” spaced adjustable/removable hay rods. The hay rods can easily be replaced with a hay net or metal plate for feed. The fly socks are automatically soaked with fly repellent, the auto-waterer on the side provides your stock with fresh water 24/7. The water dish also has a counter so you know how much water you have used. Price does not include shipping. Call for shipping cost. If you don't see a powder coating you like below, then please visit Columbia Coatings, pick your favorite, and contact us with your choice.      
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