The Cow Sprayer Express™

The Cow Sprayer Express™


The Cow Sprayer Express is designed for long-term installation. You build a frame with wood or gates. Then set it on top, fill it up and turn it on.

The Cow Spayer Express comes with a front curtain with strips that will get soaked with pesticide. This helps with those stubborn face flies.

The 15-gallon tank sprays approximately 1400 head one time for less than a nickel per spray.





The Cow Sprayer Express is a smaller version of the original Cow Sprayer, with the same quality components, but designed to be easily moved weighing in at just 80 pounds (dry). Equipped with a 15-gallon tank and 3 nozzles (1 on top, 1 on each side) the Cow Sprayer Express will spray approximately 1400 head before refill. The large flap on the front comes with a cattle rub to help with the control of face/eye flies, controlling and preventing the spread of pink eye.

  • Hands-free operation
  • Sprays pesticide or water
  • Automated mixing tank
  • Sprays up to 1400 head before refilling
  • Solar powered
  • Portable


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