(Ambrose, Georgia) Fussell Farms, Inc. the creator and manufacturer of the revolutionary Cow Sprayer, Cow Sprayer Express and Mineral Feeder, the most effective and efficient fly, parasite and temperature control sprayer on the market today, is pleased to announce that the Company is now offering its complete product line to retailers across the U.S. and abroad.

All Fussell Farms products were developed with both the rancher and the livestock in mind, offering the rancher more time, fewer expenses and higher yields and livestock less stress, the reduction of vector-borne diseases and internal parasites, an improved rate-of-gain and cooler in hotter temperatures (when used as a mister).

The core product, The Cow Sprayer, was first developed after the Creator and CEO of Fussell Farms, Hue Fussell was tired of continuously spraying his cattle for flies on a bi-weekly basis. “I had over 450 head of cattle. I tried about every product to control flies but nothing ever seemed to work or last all season long. I would always have to go back and spray them. I was like a lot of farmers and ranchers with more on my to-do list than I did time,” said Mr. Fussell. “I tried hand spraying but I found I could not get the whole animal and I couldn’t keep up with which cows had and hadn’t been sprayed. I got a pipe and put spray nozzles every 18” apart and hooked it up to my sprayer that was hooked to a tractor and placed it over the gate. I turned on the sprayer and was amazed at the outcome. I got behind the cows to drive them through the gate where the spray was located. I found out that they would rather run through a barbwire fence than go through the spray. It took all day and most of the night to get the cattle out of the woods.” Mr. Fussell Continues, “The first automatic sprayer I built had many errors and scared the cows. I set out to redesign the sprayer and after 30 plus different designs I got a sprayer that the cattle were not afraid of. I designed the frame so the limit switches can be placed to start at the desired location around the shoulders of the animal and they could get use to being sprayed. Then move the limit switches to spray more of the cow, as they get more and more comfortable being sprayed. To set the electric box as simple as flipping the on/off button and flipping the one-two second button on however many seconds you want the sprayer to spray for. There is also a float switch to turn off the sprayer before it runs dry. I believe we’ve created the best and most creative product to treat livestock.”

Some Key Highlights of the Cowsprayer:

  1. Set up takes less than 10 minutes in a pasture.
  2. Portable and can be easily moved by truck or4-wheeler.
  3. Automatic – you do not have to be there for it to spray your livestock.
  4. Can be set to start spraying at the desired location on the animal.
  5. Can be set to spray only top spray nozzles.
  6. Can be set to spray top, side, and bottom spray nozzles.
  7. Three positions for the proper height.
  8. Can be set for the correct amount per head.
  9. Easily set to spray 1 second or 2 seconds. After a set time will cease spraying till animal moved out of sprayer.
  10. Can be set to spray a straight stream for a dewormer.
  11. Solar powered.
  12. Second pump to come on every 30 minutes for 15 seconds to keep spray mixed.
  13. 25-gallon tank sprays approximately 800 head.
  14. Can be used as a mister to keep the livestock cool.

Why it is the best

  1.  Automatic and controls all parasites on the livestock.
  2. Easily changes types of spray.
  3. For internal and external parasites.
  4. Fully control parasites all season long 365 days a year.
  5. Built to last.
  6. Sprays where all parasites are on the livestock.
  7. No stress or weight loss from stress. You do not have to get your livestock in a corral.
  8. No injury and takes the burden off the rancher. No vet bill from injured or stressed animal.
  9. Cost effective. Less than five cents per spray.