Fussell Farms, Inc. Creates Revolutionary, Automated Sprayers to Keep Livestock Healthy and Free of Parasites and Vector-Borne Diseases

(Ambrose, Georgia) Fussell Farms, Inc. the creator and manufacturer of the revolutionary Cow Sprayer, Cow Sprayer Express and Mineral Feeder, the most effective and efficient fly, parasite and temperature control sprayer on the market today, is pleased to announce that the Company is now offering its complete product line to retailers across the U.S. and abroad. All Fussell Farms products were developed with both the rancher and the livestock in mind, offering the rancher more time, fewer expenses and higher yields and livestock less stress, the reduction of vector-borne diseases and internal parasites, an improved rate-of-gain and cooler in hotter temperatures (when used as a mister). The core product, The Cow Sprayer, was first developed after the Creator and CEO [...]